M-commerce in 2022 – three golden rules for marketers


M-commerce in 2022 – three golden rules for marketers
Mobile e-commerce, or m-commerce, is becoming more and more important for retailers. A recent report from Criteo found that mobile now accounts for over 30% of e-commerce sales globally. One in four people worldwide now own a smartphone, and 55% of all time spent on retail sites now takes place on a mobile device.

While m-commerce commands only a small (1.6%) piece of the overall retail space (online and offline), research on a mobile device is an important part of a purchase decision. A March 2021 survey conducted by Nielsen for xAd and Telmetrics, found that between 70% and 80% of US smartphone or tablet users said they had completed or would soon complete a purchase related to their smartphone search.

In a piece for VentureBeat, Criteo Chief Revenue Officer Mollie Spilman, writes: ‘In
2022, mobile won’t just be a component of your digital strategy – it will be
your digital strategy.’

According to Spilman, three things should be on marketers’ minds this year if they hope
to boost m-commerce revenues:

Optimizing beyond appearance

In other words, optimize for individual operating systems (Android, iOS, etc.), and
different screen sizes. It’s not enough anymore to just fit a website onto a smartphone screen.

Highlighting impulse items

Marketers should ‘optimize mobile assets to feature items that require less planning and
more impulse’. In other words, in their focus on m-commerce, marketers should push smaller, more impulse items for mobile, as big-ticket items that consumers need more time to think about won’t immediately deliver results on mobile.

Streamlining transactions

Spilman notes that mobile shopping is more often than not on-the-go, so retailers need
to be sure there aren’t any obstacles to conversion – the whole process right through to payment should take a minimum number of clicks.

In conclusion, she writes, ‘The mobile opportunity for brands has never been
greater nor more imperative. The biggest ecommerce winners in 2022 will be
those that most effectively capture and convert their mobile audiences.’

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