How to get Avira Prime Windows, Android, MacOs and IOS, 3 months for free from official website

How to get Avira Prime Windows, Android, MacOs and IOS, 3 months for free from official website
Your computer, your navigation, your smartphone, your passwords, your data… everything is safe with Avira Prime!

You have 2 distinct modules. A security software suite for your Windows and Mac computer that allows you to protect your files against viruses, but also to use a VPN,

monitor updates for other programs and optimize the performance of your operating system. And an online management tool for all your Avira mobile apps and browser security extensions.

Why use Avira Prime?

Avira Prime is Avira most comprehensive security solution.

It includes all the performances and all the tools of the editor. The security of your files, the privacy of your online activities, and the optimization of your computer's performance are guaranteed.

Avira Prime for Windows and Mac

Avira Prime combines all the monitoring and protection features of the best premium software.

Avira Prime interface is clean,in English and easy to learn with a side menu bar grouping all the main features of the security suite: Main status generated by the global analysis tool, Security, Confidentiality and Performance.

From the global analysis tool of your system, Avira Prime scans all your files and takes stock of your system's security, privacy and performance.

On the security level, the program detects viruses, spyware, malware, online threats and alerts you in case of an attack.

Two types of scan are available: quick and full. You also have the option of scheduling antivirus scans regularly to always maintain a high level of security. For optimal protection, permanent and real-time monitoring is provided not only on your system and devices, but also against threats from your Internet browsing and your emails. A specific protection system against ransomware is also implemented to prevent your devices from being blocked by third-party software.

A quarantine can then be set up or a permanent deletion of suspicious files.

With a high-performance firewall and a system for detecting outdated software that requires updating, Avira Prime combines all the monitoring tools. You can also find them on Avira Free Security, Antivirus Pro, Internet Security Suite and Avira Software Updater.

In the Privacy section, users will be able to find all the tools necessary for a digital activity in complete confidentiality. Thus, the Avira Phantom VPN, Avira Password Manager, and Avira Privacy Pal modules are integrated into Avira Prime in the Premium edition. You will have tools to browse the Internet anonymously, protect your passwords,

block cookies and other tracking scripts and much more. Also note that a permanent file deletion tool is at your disposal to erase your sensitive and confidential files without the possibility of later restoration.

In addition to all these protection tools, Avira Prime also optimizes your computer's performance with Avira System SpeedUp. No need to have different software, everything is grouped together on a single intuitive and ergonomic interface...

Key Features

  • Supported OS: All versions of Windows starting from windows7 (windows7/8/8.1/10/11) and above  , Android, Mac OS, and iOS
  • 92 days free for 5 devices.
  • You get free updates for three months
  • the license will expire automatically without you needing to do anything
  • Antivirus, Phantom VPN, and more
  • All-new premium products are automatically included as they’re released
  • Anonymous surfing and streaming from anywhere
  • Automatic updates that plug security loopholes
  • Optimized your  PC performance
  • VIP access to our IT experts, and much more...

How to get Avira Prime for 3 months for free licence from official website ?

Click on the following link and follow the steps in the video link


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